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Month: May 2018

4 Easy Handmade Father’s Day Card Ideas

Easy Handmade Father's Day Card Ideas _ Tutorial on DIY Father's Day Cards

Father’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your dad with love, gratitude, and sweet sentiments. While spending time with him is what matters most, making him a DIY Father’s Day Card is that cherry on top. After all, your dad deserves something with a little extra effort, don’t you think? A handmade card will […] Read more…


4 Easy DIY Graduation Card Ideas

4 Easy DIY Graduation Card Ideas

Recognize your graduate’s hard work with a handmade DIY graduation card. Whether they are graduating from preschool, high school, trade school, or boot camp, send your warm wishes on congratulations with the card ideas below. Graduation cards can be formal or whimsical. They can be simple to make or complex. It depends on your graduate. […] Read more…


7 Easy Ways To Make Eclipse Cards

Fantastic Ways of Making Eclipse Cards

Eclipse cards are really trending in the cardmaking world. You pop up a die cut sentiment with extra layers so the sentiment really stands out. Eclipse cards are a great way to add subtle dimensions to your cards. Your card recipient may wonder how you did it. I’ve got 7 different ways of making eclipse […] Read more…


15 Easy Paint Chip Crafts That Look Amazing

15 Easy Paint Chip Crafts That Look Amazing #craft #diycrafts #paintchips

Paint Chip Crafts are easy, quick, cost-effective and turns out looking like a fabulous work of arts. If you’re in a hardware store looking at paint samples, perhaps pick up a couple for your next trip to the paint store. Perhaps you’re done painting your walls and you’re wondering what to do with leftover paint […] Read more…