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Month: July 2018

17 Creative (and Easy!) Clay Pot Crafts For Your Next Project

17 creative clay pot crafts

People use terracotta clay pot for gardening but they can also be great for crafts inside or outside. These flower and garden pots are generally inexpensive and give you a great blank canvas to create. Head on over to your local hardware store to pick some terracotta pots up. Kids can also join in on […] Read more…


21 Unique Gifts That Tea Lovers Actually Want

unique gift tea lovers drinkers

Tea is such a versatile drink. You can use tea instead of coffee to start your day off right. You can use tea to relax anxiety and stress. Tea is also good to help you sleep. There are many tea lovers in this world and if you have one on your gift shopping list this […] Read more…


17 Fabulous DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas You’ll Want To Try

17 Fabulous DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas You'll Want To Try

Your makeup collection needs some organization and storage. Why not DIY your own makeup organizer to save some money (for some more makeup!)? Whether you have a small space or a large vanity, organizing your makeup is a must. It will save you time as well as keep your beauty products lasting as long as […] Read more…


21 Unique (and Inexpensive) Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

21 Unique (and Inexpensive) Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

It can be quite difficult to find a gift for that wine lover on your list. This is especially difficult if you’re not a wine drinker yourself. To make your life easier, I’ve created an extensive list of gifts for wine lovers to help you select the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. Enjoy […] Read more…


17 DIY Teepees and Play Tents Your Kids Will Love!

DIY play tents and teepees are a great way to entertain the kids inside or outside. When you make your own, you can personalize them to your child’s preferences. You can use different colors, fabrics, materials, add lights, etc, your kid is sure to have a great adventure in their new makeshift tent. Little teepees […] Read more…