DIY pop up cards are so much fun to make. A handmade 3D pop up greeting card can put a smile on your recipient’s face.

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They can appear simple from the outside and pack a big surprise on the inside. Pop up cards may look complicated but I promise they’re easier to make than you think. You can DIY them using supplies you already have. You can also purchase some extra supplies to really step them up a notch.

I’ve put together some easy pop up cards below. Definitely check out the video to learn exactly how to put these paper crafts together. Supplies are listed below each card.

Here are 5 Simple and Easy Pop Up Card Tutorials

Watch the Tutorials below or on YouTube.


Accordion Umbrella Pop Up

For this DIY pop up card. I took a piece of paper and folded it accordion style. I suggest using lighter weight paper so your card will not be too bulky. Then I took the folded piece of paper and folded it in half to make a fan. Then I adhered the fan to my notecard along the middle score line so the fan would be my pop up element. I then added some stamped and colored ducks and sentiment to the inside of the card. I also added some clear drops to be the “rain” in my card.

Duck Stamp
Sentiment Stamp
Rain Drops

Birthday Cake Pop Up

This is another easy DIY pop up card to make. This time, you’re making a series of cuts into your notecard to form a pop up cake. I would definitely watch the video for this one. After my cake pop up element was finished. I stamped my banner sentiment using my stamping tool and colored in the cake with these markers.

T Ruler
Alphabet Banner
Stamping Tool

Animal Pop Up

I used this animal die set to cut out a little kitten for my pop up element. I colored in the kitty with these markers and assembled it with some strong double sided tape. Then I stamped my sentiment for the inside and stamped another sentiment on the outside.

Animal Die Set
Double Sided Tape
Inside Sentiment Stamp (retired)
Outside Sentiment Stamp

Peony Pop Up

This die set makes a beautiful pop up peony on the inside of your notecard. The brand says to use lightweight paper for the peony so I just use printer paper and ink blended some color onto it. Then I assembled the pop up using this adhesive. Then I heat embossed my sentiment on the outside of the card.

Peony Die Set
Thanks Stamp Set

Mini Box Pop Up

I use this box pop up die set to create my pop up element. It’s better to assemble this 3D box with double sided tape. I stamped and colored a bear and ballon bouquet to go on the inside of my card. Then I stamped and die cut my sentiment for the inside as well.

Box Die Set
Bear Stamp Set
Balloons Stamp Set
Happy Birthday Stamp


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