Get in the holiday spirit by throwing an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Gather the right food, decorations, tacky Christmas sweater to make your holiday soiree unforgettable!
20 Awfully Fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas To Get In The Holiday Spirit
Whether you buy or DIY your holiday sweater, be sure to bring in the details for your party. Cheesy is chic, tacky is trendy, gaudy is great for the Christmas Sweaters.

The idea behind your party is to be fun and festive, so don’t hold back on party invitations, games, decor, or the food and drink. To help inspire you, I’ve rounded up some amazing ideas below.

Here are 20 Awfully Fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas To Get In The Holiday Spirit

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY Ornaments from

These ugly Christmas sweater ornaments could make great decorations or party favors.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Wall Art from

Use this printable wall art as decorations for your party.

Make An Ugly Sweater Wreath from

This DIY wreath would be a festive welcome for your party guests.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Garland & Gift Tags from

You can use these for garland or gift tags.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies from

These Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies look too good to eat!

“Ugly Sweater” Unique Christmas Tree Theme from

The Christmas Tree might as well be decorated ugly sweater-style.

Hershey’s Kisses Kissmas Sweater Angels from

These treats are super duper sweet and are in no way “ugly” at all.

Ugly Sweater Ornaments from

These ornaments can be made with affordable supplies or stuff you already have in your Christmas decor stash.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Treat Bags from

These Ugly Christmas Sweater treat bags are definitely keepers.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas from

This DIY idea would make the perfect centerpiece for your get-together.

Ugly Sweater Making Party from

Before the party, have a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater get-together with your crafty friends to get your outfits looking awesome!

DIY Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments from

Follow this DIY for a different take on Ugly Christmas Sweater ornaments.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Cookie Tray from

Serve your guests on this amazing Ugly Christmas Sweater Serving Tray.

Holiday Sweater Wreath Tutorial from

This holiday sweater wreath uses an actual old sweater.

Ugly Sweater Poll Printable from

These printables are great for your winners from the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Ugly Sweater Party Awards from

These printables make for great awards and they are cost-effective.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas from

Wrap up wine bottles with in their own holiday sweater with this DIY.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Wine Glasses from

Decorate the wine glasses in Christmas sweater spirit as well!

Ugly Sweater Style Christmas Tree Hat Tutorial from

Make an ugly holiday sweater hat to go along with your sweater. It also lights up!

Christmas Sweater Mason Jars from

These mason jars would make great party decorations.


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