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11 Time Saving Hacks For Making Cards

time saving hacks card making

Making cards and other paper crafts is very enjoyable. Although, with busy schedules, sometimes we wish we had more time to craft. I’m certainly not suggesting you “rush” crafting, but there are a few card making tips that can take care of some things beforehand. When you don’t have very much time for card making […] Read more…

7 Easy Ways To Make Eclipse Cards

Fantastic Ways of Making Eclipse Cards

Eclipse cards are really trending in the cardmaking world. You pop up a die cut sentiment with extra layers so the sentiment really stands out. Eclipse cards are a great way to add subtle dimensions to your cards. Your card recipient may wonder how you did it. I’ve got 7 different ways of making eclipse […] Read more…

15 Brilliant Craft Hacks Using Everyday Items

I love doing DIY Crafts. It’s fun being creative, however that also means that crafting may either mess up our budget or our workspace. Craft supplies cost money, especially the consumables: thread, glue, paper, fabric, etc. If you create a lot, crafting can also get a little messy. These DIY Craft tips feature some of […] Read more…