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5 Easy Ways to Draw A Galaxy

EASY WAYS TO DRAW A GALAXY _ Paint Galaxies Using Watercolor, Acrylics, Ink Blending and Even Markers! For Beginners

Galaxies are very trendy in the creative world right now and drawing a galaxy is much easier than you think. You can use different mediums that you are most comfortable with such as watercolor, acrylic paint, inks, and even markers! Here are 5 Easy Ways to Draw A Galaxy. If you are a visual learning, […] Read more…


Shoot For the Moon Ombre Pattern Card

I stumbled upon the perfect moon stamp that wasn’t a crescent and actually gave some dimension to the moon. Space and galaxy themes are popular in arts and graphics, cards especially. This was a layering stamp that I used different shades of grey to stamp with. With the assistance of a MISTI stamping tool, layering […] Read more…


Modern Distress Ink Cards – Explore Possibilities

You ever have cards that start at one way then somehow in the middle of the process, they change to something completely different? That’s what happened here. I wanted to make another galaxy card with stars all over. Somehow in the midst of my ink blending, I changed the colors to a space ombre and […] Read more…


Easy Galaxy Card With Distress Inks

Galaxies are all the rage in the arts and crafts world. They’re also much easier to create than you think. I create the galaxy for this card using distress inks. I blended the colors first in random spots. I used the mini blending tool to blend here and with those, you have to remember to […] Read more…