15 Easy Paint Chip Crafts That Look Amazing

15 Easy Paint Chip Crafts That Look Amazing #craft #diycrafts #paintchipsRead more

Paint Chip Crafts are easy, quick, cost-effective and turns out looking like a fabulous work of arts. If you’re in a hardware store looking at paint samples, perhaps pick up a couple for your next trip to the paint store. Perhaps you’re done painting your walls and you’re wondering what to do with leftover paint […]

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5 Easy DIY Pop Up Cards That Anyone Can Make

5 EASY POP UP CARDS THAT ANYONE CAN MAKE _ Tutorial On How To DIY An Interactive CardRead more

There is something magical about opening a pop up card. A special 3D interactive element on the inside of your greeting card will definitely put a smile on your recipient’s face. Pop up cards can be for all occasions and they don’t have to be expensive. You can easily DIY your own pop up cards […]