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12 Scrapbook Layout Ideas for Couples in Love

Scrapbook Layout Ideas for Couples in Love Relationships Boyfriend or Marriage, DIY Memories

A scrapbook layout to tell your love story for your boyfriend, fiance or husband can be romantic, funny, sentimental, or all of the above. The important part is that it shows the story and memories of a happy couple in love. You can your your scrapbook spread to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, or just an […] Read more…


12 Simple Scrapbook Layouts That Are Perfect For Beginners

Simple Scrapbook Layouts That Are Perfect For Beginners

Creating a scrapbook layout or “scrapping” can seem intimidating for a beginner. You know what paper you like, what embellishments you want, what photo to print, but putting it all together can give you a creative block. Where to begin with your scrapbook page? Where do you place things? Does it need more? How much […] Read more…


15 Clever Ideas for Scrapbook Paper Storage (On Every Budget!)

Lots of crafters have scrapbook paper in their craft stash. It’s fairly affordable and there is just so many colors, patterns, and thicknesses to choose from. Since there are so many options of scrapbook paper, it’s easy to collect a lot of it. The only problem is how to store in a way that you […] Read more…


12 Fantastic Scrapbook Layouts Ideas for Travel

Traveling and recording your vacation memories through a scrapbook is a great way to relive those memories and you can get some crafty time in. Scrapping is a great way to relieve stress, enjoy your hobby, and it makes your travel and vacation memories seem even more special than they are. Taking a picture is […] Read more…