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20 Brilliant DIY Homework Station Ideas

Homework stations are becoming more popular in homes. A desk in the child’s room may be uninspiring or perhaps too distracting. A designated spot in the home for homework might be more productive and allows the child to focus solely on their work. A homework station allows for some supervision and offers all the supplies […] Read more…


20 Amazing DIY Ikea Desk Hacks For Your Home Office

Ikea furniture is an affordable but still stylish staple in some homes. If you have an Ikea desk, there are ways to hack it and step it up a level. There are a number of ways to hack your desk. Ikea furniture is designed to be modular in general, meaning you can use them with […] Read more…


17 Easy DIY Ikea Kallax Hacks To Totally Transform Your Shelf

The Ikea Kallax shelf is so simple in design yet so functional in use. Chances are you, or someone in circle, own one (or more) of these ubiquitous bookcase. There are ways to transform or hack the Ikea Kallax into something a little more exciting. You can DIY a cosmetic upgrade with paint or hardware, […] Read more…