25 Boho Decor Ideas for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Boho or “bohemian” style is a fabulous design trend for your baby’s nursery. Boho chic means an eclectic mix of patterns and colors that is somewhat modern and somewhat retro at the same time. Some common elements of boho design include items inspired by the desert, or palm trees, a sort-of “free-spirited” inspiration. Boho can […]

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21 Rustic Chic Nursery Decor Ideas for a Girl

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Rustic chic nursery themes will never go out of style. A touch of whimsy mixed with some classic charm, rustic chic nursery decor can work for either gender or be gender neutral. What does rustic chic even mean? To me, rustic generally means using natural textures, elements, and colors, and by natural, I mean inspired […]

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21 Ideas for A Woodland Hunting Themed Nursery

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For a nursery that’s inspired by the outdoors and hunting, looking into buffalo plaid, forest friends decor, and somewhat of a masculine lumberjack theme. Wood textures and rustic color schemes are very popular with a woodland hunting themed nursery. You can still keep it playful by changing it up with different textures and colors. You […]

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