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17 Jewelry Organizers and Storage Ideas That are Fabulous and Functional

Jewelry Organizers and Storage Ideas That are Fabulous and Functional, Ideas for Wall, Drawer, Box, Closet or hanging up

Your jewelry collection is gorgeous and it should be organized and stored beautifully as well. It’s also very beneficial to organize and store your jewelry to keep from misplacing items, or get them tangled or tarnished. Whether you’re looking for travel storage, hanging storage, or a jewelry box, Here are ideas for jewelry organizers and […] Read more…


17 Affordable Organizers For Small and Big Closets

Whether you a have a small closet or a huge walk-in, your closet is one of the areas in your place where some smart organization and storage can make a huge difference. For me, it’s definitely my purses and shoes that need the more organization. A organized space makes for a more organized mind. Organize […] Read more…


17 Awesome Organizers You Need For A Better Bathroom

Awesome Bathroom Organizers Storage Ideas for Smaller Spaces to help contain the clutter

Control your bathroom clutter with these bathroom storage and organizers solutions. While the bathroom may not be the largest room in your house, it’s a room that gets a lot of use. This can lead to a lot of clutter… fast. You want your bathroom organizer and storage to be sufficient, stylish, and (preferable) affordable. […] Read more…