Keeping your clear stamps organized and stored properly will allow you more time and peace of mind for crafting. Organizing clear stamps will help you find things quicker and may help you prevent misplacing craft supplies.

Stamp Inventory and Organization Storage
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For clear stamps, I have a system of organization and storage that’s been working for me, and I thought I would share some tips here.

Here is a helpful Shopping List for supplies you might need:

Regular Storage Pocket
Extra Large Storage Pocket
Clear Container
Label maker

Here are 10 Helpful Tips for Clear Stamp Organization and Storage

Watch the video on YouTube or below for a more in depth explanation

Inventory Before Use
My personal rule is that I’m not allowed to use the stamp set until it’s been inventoried. I use AirTable because it’s free and I can use across multiple devices. See the video for my inventory process.

Clear Pockets
I like storing my clear stamps in these clear pockets to help protect them and keep them lasting longer. These clear pockets are great quality.

Cardstock or Packaging for Sturdiness
To help stabilize the clear pockets, I tend to use the cardstock packaging from the clear stamp set to make it more sturdy.

Once my stamps are in the clear pockets, I use this really affordable label maker to add label to the corner so I can find it easily.

Store Out of Direct Sunlight
It’s best not to store your clear stamp in director sunlight because the sunlight might harm your stamps.

Store Vertically
I like to organize and store my stamps vertically as it gives me easier access to find them, especially since I have a lot of clear stamp sets. It’s like if you have a lot of papers, is it easier to organize through a binder or huge stack? Or is it easier when they are in a filing cabinet?

Bear in mind the weight
I store all of my clear stamp pockets in these bins. I chose these bins because they hold a lot of sets but they won’t be too heavy for me to lift. Stamps (especially when the dies are added) can get heavy so keep that in mind as you look for a bin.

Proper Stamp Categories
The two most common ways to categorize stamps are by company or by theme. I sort my clear stamp sets alphabetically by company. This system works for me because I have some stamps that don’t have a clear theme or perhaps they have more than one theme.

Coordinating Die
If your clear stamp set has a coordinating die, It helps to just store it on the back of your pocket to keep them together, rather than storing them separately.

Oblong Stamps
For my larger stamps, I used these larger clear pockets. For my smaller stamps sets, I just group them together by brands and put them in the regular stamp pockets. I still inventory them separately.


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  1. OK, so days after I posted my comment I’m here to comment again.

    Your video was EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for walking me through the setup. I really don’t get this stuff easily.

    But seriously, you have changed my life with this! This program is INCREDIBLE! I’ve been spending days logging EVERYTHING! This was AMAZING! Thank you so much!

  2. This was so helpful THANK YOU for doing this. I started my stamp inventory last night. Just love this Airtable app. If I can figure it out anyone can. You do an amazing job with your videos thanks again I really do appreciate it !!!

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