It is a well-known fact that there is no part of the home that can get a messy and disorganized as easily as the Tupperware and food container cabinet. That might seem like an exaggeration, but just think; how many times have you longed for a plastic container to microwave your food? And then you move over to the kitchen, casually open the cabinet and – Boom! – your floor has been invaded by plastic. Or perhaps the times when you find the perfect container to store your leftovers but the lid is nowhere to be found? And I’m sure at those moments your knee-deep in plastic – or God forbid, glass – that you have to restack yourself, you just think: there’s go to be a better way to organize Tupperware?

How To Organize Tupperware And Food Storage Containers (Once And For All!)
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Well, you’re in luck. There are some sure-fire DIY tips for taming your unruly plastic storage units. You already have a lot of places to clean and tidy without worrying about your troubled Tupperware. Keep these tips on the back on your mind next time you dig into that container kitchen cabinet.

Here’s How To Organize Tupperware And Food Storage Containers (Once And For All!)

How To Organize Tupperware And Food Storage Containers (Once And For All!)

Get Rid of Clutter

Marie Kondo is onto something. Decluttering every one once in a while should be part of your life. Also, while decluttering your Tupperware drawer probably sounds like it would be a piece of cake, there’s actually an art to it. For starters, unless you have a plastic Tupperware collection, or you’re just addicted to buying Tupperware, you should probably only do this about once a year.
So what you do first is to take out all the containers and lids, and then start matching each containers to their lids.
If there are any plastics or lids left over without matches, then they should go in the trash. Same goes for any damaged or stained containers. Containers that you don’t use frequently should either be disposed of or donated, preferably recycled if possible.

Here's How To Organize Tupperware And Food Storage Containers (Once And For All!)

Use Bins

Your plastic containers can still be rescued from disorder and untidiness. How? By using bins. Any plastic or wire bin will do. All you have to do is buy your bin, stack your containers and lids into them (after decluttering, of course) and casually slide them into their cabinets. It’s that simple, and it requires very little effort on your part to maintain. This sturdy bin is specifically made for organizer Tupperware.

Use Drawers and Divide Them

If you have a disorganized Tupperware cupboard, even after you took our first advice and got rid of the unwanted junk, you could really benefit from investing in drawers. Drawers are a great way to organize… well, pretty much everything in the house. Your cutlery drawers, your clothes drawers, your underwear drawers… now you can add your plastics to that list of really organized spaces.

And if after getting your drawers you want to make doubly sure that they are tidy, you can also try installing dividers for your drawers. Combined with some smart stacking, I defy any force on earth to put your plastics at disarray.
Better yet, use this innovative pegboard system that can be customized to any size of container.

 How to Organize Tupperware

Store Lids Separate From The Containers

While in theory it might make sense to keep the lid with the container, this method ends up talking up a whole lot more room than it needs to. Have one area for lids and one area for containers. Once that is established, organize lids by size, and containers by size. Then next the smaller ones in the larger ones. This clever container was specifically made for organizing food container lids.

 How to Organize Tupperware, food storage lids and containers

Try Stacking your Tupperware

I know this is quite basic knowledge when it comes to organizing anything, and that I’ve probably mentioned this a few times in the other tips. But I feel I have to reiterate it, as its importance cannot really be stressed. The major cause of an untidy cupboard is just dumping your plastics willy-nilly. If your containers can be stacked – and they most likely can be – then I beg you, stack them! The same goes for their lids too. It will save a lot of cabinet space, especially if you plan on getting more containers, and it might even eliminate the need to get drawers or bins. Invest in some nesting sets of food storage containers like this to save some time and space.

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Multi-compartment Containers

Invest in some multi-compartment food storage containers like these to help save space. Normally, you might need one container for your protein and one for your side. However they’re compatible, put them in the same container. Now you only have one set to wash and store. This will also encourage you to meal prep because it’s so convenient. Once you have your leftovers ready, just divide it out ahead of time so it’s ready to eat. Your budget (and perhaps your waistline) will thank you.

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Give an Old Shelf a New Use

You might not be able to afford a drawer for your Tupperware cabinet, or even a cheap plastic bin for your cheap plastics. Or maybe there’s not enough space in the cabinet to hold all your plastics, and no free cabinet in your kitchen or home to store the rest. It might look like you’re doomed to have Tupperware avalanches every time you open that cupboard, and have plastics litter your floors and make a mess.
Well you don’t have to live in fear of your containers. You could easily find an old rack or CD cabinet you no longer use anymore to recycle. This will not only make them more organized, but probably even easier to access.

If you have a problem with organizing your containers – maybe you’re not a particularly tidy person, or you’re just not sure how – just follow these simple tips on How to Organize Tupperware and food storage containers.


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