A fun idea for March’s bullet journal spread is to use gemstones for your theme. I went from St Patrick’s Day to treasure to gems. Plan with me as I create my bujo set up and layout for the 3rd month of the year.

March 2019 Bullet Journal Layout _ Plan With Me _ Planner Spread
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To celebrate March, I thought of St Patrick’s Day. I thought it might be a little too cliche. So I went with treasure. Then I realized I had a lot of gem stamps in my collection. So gemstones it was! You can either hand draw these images but I like to stamp so I went with the latter.

I used a variety of jewel-toned colors in markers and ink pads. I also made different layouts of necklaces, gemstone strings, and diamond rings.

You can watch the process video below or on YouTube.

Supplies are listed below.


March Bullet Journal Setup | Plan With Me Layout | Planner Spread



I did a variety of techniques for the different weekly layouts from minimalistic to masking to coloring. See the process below or over on YouTube.


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  1. Good morning JD,It’s me JD too. My name is Jimmy Dean… Do you really use the bullet journal. I purchased one to write down orders I have placed for craft items. The problem is, I seem to never finish making the boxes for the entry. So I have been on the search for a template to make the right amount of lines and boxes…

    By the way,the craft hacks were very useful. Thank you so very much…

    • well, nice to meet you JD. I do use it more for my craft schedule (i.e. when to film, video ideas, craft projects to make). Since I make it so creative, I used it for creative scheduling. Your bullet journal can be whatever you want. Lots of people like minimalistic bullet journaling (include myself). I just figured since I already have the supplies, I’ll put them to good use. And thanks for watching the videos!

  2. You are brilliant…When I’m looking for inspiration,I usually look thru pint rest.well,I can write down my inspiration in the journal… Thank you again for your videos…

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