Versamark Ink is a type of ink you’ll find in virtually every stamper’s craft stash. It is a truly versatile specialty ink pad that can be used for many different techniques. Let’s start with some of the basics of Versamark Ink.

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What is Versamark Ink?

  • Is clear
  • Dries slowly
  • Is somewhat sticky
  • Is a thicker ink

Forms of Versamark Ink

  • Full sized ink pad such as this one
  • Mini ink cube, I use this cube if I want to ink up smaller sections
  • Re-Inker, if you’re into embossing or techniques, this re-inker will come in handy
  • Pen, I have this pen when I want to highlight or hand letter, or to fix any Versamark ink mistakes

What does Versamark Ink do? Here are 15 creative techniques to try when stamping with Versamark Ink.

  1. Watermark
    Use it for watermarking, its original intent. Ink up your stamp with Versamark Ink, and then stamp onto to paper, now your stamp is watermarked on your paper. This technique is better with colored cardstock.
  2. Tone on tone
    Expanding on the technique above, use it for backgrounds. The stamped versamark image will darken the shade of the cardstock. So you now have a coordinating shade of ink for every color of cardstock you own.
  3. Ink Resist
    Stamp your image with Versamark Ink. Then cover your paper with ink (either with this blending tool, this blending brush, or this brayer). Once the panel is covered and dried. Wipe away any excess ink from the card with a clean, dry tissue to see your image subtly appear through the ink. This works best with glossy paper.
  4. Heat Embossing
    My favorite technique. Stamp your image, and then sprinkle your embossing powder over it. Dust off the excess and melt the powder with this heat gun for dimension.
  5. Emboss Resist
    My second favorite technique. Stamp your image, then blend ink over the top. The stamped image will resist the ink blend.
  6. Assisted Watercoloring
    Watercoloring is much easier with a heat embossed image. The embossing forms a barrier to hold your watercolors.
  7. Watercolor Lifting
    Cover your panel with your watercolor painting. Once dry, stamp your image with Versamark ink and heat emboss it with this CLEAR embossing powder. Using the same brush you used to watercolor with, brush over your panel again with clean water back and forth to begin to remove the pigment from the paper. Use a paper towel to dry the excess water off of the watercolor paper. Watch the stamped images appear.
  8. Poppin Pastels
    I use this with Perfect Pearls pigment powder. Stamp with Versamark Ink then apply the pearls with a brush gently over the stamped area and watch the image “magically” appear.
  9. Joseph’s Coat
    Ink blend one or more colors on your paper. Once it’s dry, stamp your image in Versamark Ink on the paper and then heat emboss it with this CLEAR Embossing Powder. Then cover the entire image with a black dye ink pad. Wipe the excess ink off your panel with a cloth, and watch the image appear.
  10. Create a Shadow
    Stamp your image in Versamark ink onto cardstock. Ink up your stamp with another ink, but before you stamp, shift your stamp over so it is off set. This will create a shadow of your image once you stamp it.
  11. Faux metal embellishments
    Repeat the steps of heat embossing to your die cut word or image. You may need to hold your image with these craft tweezers. 3-4 times will make your die cut appear to be a metal embellishments.
  12. Glitter or gilding application
    Stamp an image with Versamark ink, sprinkle with heat and stick powder, heat just till it melts, then sprinkle your glitter on top. Leave your heat gun on. Heat a second time (very quickly) to set the glitter onto the image.
  13. Discreet Journaling Lines
    For use with scrapbooking or bullet journaling, use your Versamarker to draw straight lines. Once the ink is dry, it is no longer sticky. This will help you to write in a straight line in your journal.
  14. Decorating Metal or Glass
    Prior to stamping, rub tan anti-static powder tool like this one, over the surface. Stamp the image on a metal or glass container with the VersaMark pad, and then heat emboss with embossing powder. Metallics look the most elegant in my opinion. Note: This technique should be used for decorative purposes only. Embossed images may scratch off or come off when washed.
  15. Embossed Lettering
    Write your word or phrase in a Versamarker pen. Then cover with your favorite embossing powder and then heat emboss it to give your lettering shine or dimension.


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