Beginner watercolor artists may be intimidated when they first start watercoloring. From saving money on the right supplies to editing mistakes, these 10 watercolor tips for beginners will help even the most newbie artist to feel more confident.

Watercolor hacks and tips for beginners
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Typical Supplies for Watercolor:

Are you a visual learner? These tips and tricks are better explained in the video below.

Here are 10 Watercolor Hacks For Beginners ( Tips and Tricks to Making Watercolor Painting Easier)

1. Clipboard Color Maker
You don’t need to invest in a fancy hardboard panel or easel when you start. You can use a regular clipboard like this one to paint on while you improve your watercolor skills.

2. Smoother Watercolor Washes
Want to avoid lines in your watercolor project? If you would like a smooth watercolor wash (meaning no harsh lines), try not to let the paint dry as you paint. Wet on wet works best.

3. Masking Tape Stickiness
Don’t let your masking tape destroy your artwork. You can remove some of the stickiness by running your masking tape first through your hands or clothes.

4. Erase Your Mistakes
You can erase small watercolor mistakes either by painting over it with white or gouache or you can dip a magic eraser in water and slighting rub the erase over your mistake.

5. Speed Up Drying Time
Inpatient with your watercolor? You can speed up drying time by using a heat tool like this to dry your project faster. Just don’t leave it on too long or it may burn your project.

6. Watercolor Markers
Don’t know how to mix colors? You can simplify the color choosing process by getting watercolor markers. They come in a variety of shades and all you have to do is add water to adjust their intensity. I like this brand for watercolor painting/coloring and this brand for watercolor painting and lettering.

7. Heat Embossing
Haven’t started freehand watercoloring yet? Start with a stamped image and do heat embossing. Stamp an image in versamark ink. Cover it with heat embossing powder. Brush away the excess powder. Melt the powdered image with a heat gun. Then start coloring the image. The heat embossing acts as a barrier to hold your watercolors as you practice the skill. You can also try doing watercolor resist.

8. Smooshing
Looking to avoid harsh lines in your watercolor? Use this technique of watercolor smooshing. Apply watercolor to your palette or craft mat. Spray with water from this mini mister to break it up. Use a spare piece of plastic of sandwich back to pick up the watercolor then using the same piece of plastic, smoosh it on your canvas/paper.

9. Watercolor Stamps
Don’t want to use watercolors but still want the look? If you want a watercolor look without getting out all of the watercolor supplies, simply use stamps like these. Color your stamp with markers like these, spritz it with water then stamp it on your paper for a cool watercolor effect.

10. Flatten Your Paper
Want to flatten your warped paper? If your project is still badly warped after drying, you can either place heavy books on top of the dry surface overnight. I make cards so my projects are smaller and are able to be placed through my manual die cutting machine to help flatten it.

Watercolor Hacks Video

What are your favorite watercolor hacks?

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  1. I’m just starting out with watercolors. I’m definitely not an artist. I started as a something to do in the evenings. I love your tricks and hacks are so helpful. I am a clean slate. I know nothing. Keep the videos coming.

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