There are some proven methods to make money from DIY and Craft blogging. These methods are highly effective to monetize a blog and earn some real money online.

I started my DIY and Craft blog not too long, and yes, it is possible to start making money right away. After all, who wouldn’t want a quick return on investment, right? (Sidenote: blogging does not involve a huge financial investment at all, you can learn how to start a blog in four easy steps here)

Here are the 7 effective strategies I’m implementing to monetize my DIY and Craft Blog.

Affiliate links used on items I recommend. See disclosure here.

Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs are like commission based advertising. Let’s say you love a product and would recommend it to others. Well if you are a part of the product’s affiliate program, you would link to it to your blog. If others purchase that product from your recommended link, then you receive a small commission. The more influential you, the more apt they are to buy, meaning those small commissions can make up a substantial amount of your income. Affiliate programs I recommend for crafters are:

By far, it’s the largest and wide reaching affiliate program. People trust Amazon, so they are more likely to buy from them. Great customer service for affiliate members as well.

Shareasale (programs include Simon Says Stamp and Scrapbook.Com)
Rakuten (Huge list of brands) (Huge list of brands)

Ad Networks
I actually had another parenting blog before I started my DIY and craft blog, so I was able to apply and be approved for Google Adsense right away. Google adsense is the ad program by google that has pretty easy requirements of bloggers. Once accepted, you can place ads and start earning if people click on your ad.
Ad Network Cost per Mille
Another route is the Cost per Mille ad network, which pays you for the amount of people who sees your ad, i.e. they don’t have to click on your ad. These networks generally pay higher but they generally do require a certain amount of pageviews to be accepted.

Advertising Space
You can also sell ad space directly on your blog. For small-time bloggers, I would recommend reaching out to other small businesses, particularly once that have the same niche as you. Etsy is a great place to start looking for potential partnerships.

Direct Sales
If you can tie in a product that you created and sell that product via your blog, that can also be a lucrative income stream, particularly in DIY and crafts. You can either sell directly on your site, or perhaps start out on Etsy so you can test the waters before you do any major web development work on your site. You can also try direct sales for another product you’re passionate about. I’ve known plenty of bloggers that promote their lularoe leggings or essential oils via their blog.

Sponsored Content
Sponsored content is when companies and brands pay you to write about their product or brand on your blog. I would do this avenue sparingly as to not alienate your readers. However, the right sponsored post could work out for both parties, and it’s a great boost in pay. This also could open the door for other opportunities with the brand such as being a brand ambassador, and getting more consistent work.

E-Courses or E-Books
You’ll find that a lot of e-courses and ebooks work for bloggers as it’s great for passive income. Once you create the course or book, the majority of the work is done. Now you just have to promote it. A simple ebook or short e-course can also be a great way to build up a loyal following.

Freelance Writing
With time, you could become an expert in your field. Therefore you can offer up freelance writing for other websites, brands, or blogs. There are many freelance writing job boards out there. If you want to build up a portfolio, you may have to offer up some free content at first. Once you have a substantial portfolio, then I would suggest to start charging. It can be small such as free product, and then eventually asking for payment.



7 Ways to monetize your Diy and Craft Blog