Mid Century Modern Decor is a design trend that doesn’t seem to go out of style. This interior design theme is for those that want to go modern but still have a feeling of being welcoming and retro.

What is Mid Century Modern?

An interior design style named for the period of 1940s – 1960s where popular trends included sleek lines, geometric shapes, extensive use of glass, and industrial lines.

Think of the show “Mad Men” to get in the right frame of mind for mid century modern. Pick pieces that are more functional than fussy. Neutrals and muted colors palettes are great for the theme. You can also add pops of colors as well. To help inspire you, I’ve rounded up some fabulous ideas for this timeless trend. Some you can purchase, some you can DIY.

Here are 20 Amazing Mid Century Modern Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Style Sofa Guid from abeautifulmess.com

This sofa guide gives so many options for mid century style couches.

Plywood DIY Daybed†from deeplysouthernhome.com

You can DIY this mid-century modern day bed from plywood with this tutorial.

DIY Wood Headboard from diycandy.com

If you don’t want to make the whole bed, you can start with this mid century modern DIY headboard.

Master Bedroom from biggerthanthethreeofus.com

This Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom features such cool design elements. My favorite is this nightstand.

IKEA Hack- Mid-Century Modern KALAX from hawthorneandmain.com

With this tutorial, you can transform that Ikea Kallax into the perfect mid century modern piece.

DIY Mid Century Modern Bed from hawthorneandmain.com

You can save some money by creating your own DIY mid-century modern bed.

Dog Bed from notjustahousewife.net

Don’t leave the 4-legged family member out of the interior design theme with this dog bed.

Dining Table And Chairs from flaxandtwine.com

This mid century modern dining room is divine!

Lamp Makeover from rainonatinroof.com

Dream of “Jeannie” and simpler times with this fun lamp.

Side Table { Free Plans } from rogueengineer.com

Mid Century modern tables typically have peg legs as this DIY example shows.

DIY Side Table from sugarandcloth.com

This beautiful table also features some convenient storage.

Mid Century Inspired Vanity From A Modern Cabinet from thevintagerugshop.com

Everything in this mid century modern bathroom is gorgeous with the highlight beigh the vanity.

DIY Midcentury Plant Stand from lovelyindeed.com

This DIY plant stand would look great on a table or the floor.

Mid-century Modern Esque Starburst Clock from realitydaydream.com

Can you believe you can actually DIY this awesome modern clock?

Mid Century Modern Tallboy Dresser†from sarahhearts.com

This beautiful dresser was transformed with the help of some chalk paint.

Mid Century Modern Side Table Makeover from sarahhearts.com

This blogger makes those traditional tables look phenomenal!

DIY Mid Century Wall Clock from sugarandcloth.com

You can DIY this amazing mid century modern clock. Plus it looks so much more expensive than it actually is!

Bright Mid-Century Modern Patio Makeover from prettyprovidence.com

Bright colors and fun patterns make this mid century modern patio.

Mid Century Modern Ikea Hack Sideboard from kristimurphy.com

Hack another Ikea dresser and bring it back to the fabulous 1950s!

Kitchen Table from abeautifulmess.com

This completed kitchen table looks stunning in any part of your mid century home.


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