How to Clean Your Clear Stamps

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For paper crafts, card making, or scrapbooking, clear stamps need to be cleaned and maintained in order to keep up their quality and keep giving you good stamped impressions. There isn’t one way to clean your stamps and many stampers have their own way of cleaning. What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Clear Stamps […]

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How to Use And Clean Clear Stamps

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Clear stamping for card making or scrapbooking or any other paper crafts is a great hobby. Clear stamps usually come in sets so you have multiple stamps. You can use them to stamp on different surfaces such as paper, vellum, acetate, and more! What are clear stamps? Clear stamps can refer to stamps made of […]

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How to Heat Emboss: Supplies and Techniques

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Heat embossing is a craft technique that easily creates raised texture and shine. It’s a simple enough technique that creates dimension and more interest in your project. Below are the basics of heat embossing as well as techniques and tips. What is heat embossing? It’s a technique that allows you to give texture and a […]

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