For paper crafts, card making, or scrapbooking, clear stamps need to be cleaned and maintained in order to keep up their quality and keep giving you good stamped impressions. There isn’t one way to clean your stamps and many stampers have their own way of cleaning.

How to Clean Your Clear Stamps Tutorial
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What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Clear Stamps

  • Ink may get transferred to your next project
  • Your ink may get transferred between ink pads and create muddy colors
  • The detail in your clear stamp starts to get clogged with dried ink
  • Your stamped image may get ruined or distorted because of dried ink remnants

Stained stamps do not affect quality. It’s just a part of the stamping process. You just want to make sure that the ink on the stamp does not transfer to your next project so you have to make sure it’s clean.

Different Methods of Cleaning Your Clear Stamps

Method 1
Use a baby wipe. These are my go to for a quick clean after each stamped impression. I keep these baby wipes stockpiled in my craft space. These are the ones I used because they leave the least fuzzies and lint.

Method 2
Use a stamp shammy like this one. Wipe down your stamp after inking. Ink may transfer onto the shammy but it doesn’t affect quality.

Method 3
Use a stamp cleaner liquid and scrubber. For more stubborn ink, I spray on this stamp cleaner, then scrub my stamp on one side of this scrubber. Then scrub the stamp dry on the other side.

Method 4
Use mild soap and warm water. I do this when your stamp needs a “spa” treatment after multiple uses. After air drying it also gets them sticky again.

***When cleaning your clear stamp, read the manufacturer’s recommendation on special cleaning instructions***

***Some inks require their own cleaner such as Staz-On***


How to Clean Your Clear or Photopolymer Stamps That May Be Stained with Ink, Tutorial