I love doing DIY Crafts. It’s fun being creative, however that also means that crafting may either mess up our budget or our workspace. Craft supplies cost money, especially the consumables: thread, glue, paper, fabric, etc. If you create a lot, crafting can also get a little messy.

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These DIY Craft tips feature some of the best inexpensive ways to make crafting easier and more budget friendly. You can create or clean up using everyday items found around the house! The craft hacks below free up money for more craft supplies as well as help you clean more quickly to free up more time for… well…more crafting! Hopefully, it also inspires you take on more do it yourself projects.

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To save money on your craft supplies and your cleaning supplies, I’ve rounded up 15 Brilliant Craft Hacks That Use Everyday Items found in your house.
See the video here or below.


I’ve also included a handy list below with links to let you know what brand of these everyday items that I prefer using.

Painter’s Tape
Baby Wipes
Gift Card
Dust Cloth
Butter Knife
Magic Eraser
Makeup Sponge
Oven Liner
Dryer sheets
Post it
Plastic bag
Clear Nail Polish

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