There are many options for adhesives in paper crafts. It’s difficult to choose only one because it depends on your project. In card making or scrapbooking, or just general paper crafts, the right glue or adhesive will help your project keep a strong hold, and make as little mess as possible. From my personal experience, here are the 10 best adhesives to use on your next paper craft project.

Best Adhesives for Paper Crafts, Card Making, and Scrapbooking, DIY Handmade, Tips
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Tape Runner
These tools are pre-filled with tape. You simply roll it onto your project and tape comes off from the dispenser either in a smooth line or dots, depending on which you prefer. These are great for paper to paper projects. Paper such as cardstock, construction paper, photos, and scrapbooking paper. This tape runner is one of my favorites. This compact tape runner is also very popular. I also use this tape runner from time to time.

Double Side Adhesive
Double side adhesive is used for an even slimmer bond between two papers. Keep in mind that there are usually no second chances with double sided adhesive because it is very strong and may tear your project once it’s stuck on there. The strong hold does have it purposes. I like using this double sided adhesive for adhering acetate for shaker windows, using it with glitter or foil, and having a whole double sided sheet for die cuts.

Low Tack Tape
Sometimes you will need to adhere things temporarily. Some tape runners can give you a temporary hold. You can also use this post-it tape which comes in a variety of widths. You can also use regular painter’s tape on heavier weight cardstock. A personal tip is to run the sticky side of painter’s tape along your skin first before taping to your project to take some of the stickiness off. Of course, this will totally depend on what kind of paper you are using. Some washi tape is also low tack.

Foam Tape/Glue Dots
When you want to add dimension, add some foam tape, or glue dots, or sticky foam dots to your project. I have this huge roll of foam tape because I go through a lot and it’s the best deal in my opinion. I also use it for shaker windows. Foam tape is also increasingly popular with interactive cards or paper crafts, for uses in sliders or pull tabs.


Stick Glue
Good old fashioned stick glue is the kind you can use for your kids arts and crafts projects with construction paper. It is relatively low-mess and very easy to use. It’s not the best for longevity though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for cards or scrapbook pages. However, for the occasional paper crafting with little ones, its low cost and easy of use is perfect.

Hot Glue
For some strong bond, bring out the hot glue gun. If you’re adding fabric, ribbon, or metal embellishments, or anything heavy, now it the time for hot glue. You’d have to use a very, very heavyweight paper as to not burn through it with the hot glue. Remember that when hot glue sets, it becomes rigid and may crack under pressure. Therefore, I wouldn’t use it on anything that’s supposed to flex or bend.

White Liquid Glue
This is your elmer’s glue that you used in school. Your typical white glue. Although this brand has white glue that is the stronger, grown up version of it. Remember that you can’t use too much or it may warp or curl your paper when it dries. This glue is widely accessible in most craft stores (elmer’s, mod podge, etc.) It does tend to get a little messy though. There is an grown-up version of this glue with a precision tip for projects that need more permanent hold.

Precision Tip Glue or Glue Pens
For adhesion that needs to be precise or for small areas, a glue pen like this one or this strong glue (which by the way is my favorite glue for embellishments) is perfect. Always test out your tip on scrap paper before putting to your project so you don’t get a big explosion of unwanted glue. Keep in mind, that because of their small tips, these types of adhesives may clog on you from time to time.

Decorative Glue
These adhesives are just for fun. Glitter glue adds dimension (and sparkles!). Glossy accents also add dimension and make for a very shiny appearance.

Adhesive Spray
I also have this low tack adhesive spray on hand. I use it to keep intricate stencils from shifting on my project. It’s low-cost, but it does get messy. You can also use a regular hold adhesive spray as well for adhering things like intricate die cuts. You are better off using this spray outside or in a well-ventilated area.

What are your favorite adhesives?


Best Adhesives for Paper Crafts, Card Making, and Scrapbooking, DIY, Handmade, Tips

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