Card makers are generally also stamp lovers (or should I say stamp collectors?) If you’re a beginner card maker or crafter, it can be overwhelming to choose which stamps to start with. After all, you don’t want to go overboard if you end up not continuing the hobby. However, you still want to try out different designs and explore your creativity.

Here are the stamps sets you should have in your collection as a cardmaker.

The Big List of Must-Have Stamps for Card Makers
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Birthday cards are a must have, especially for those last minute birthday situations. Have a variety of stamps to accommodate all ages and genders. A set that include numbers or months is good to have if you want to personalize the card. Here are some birthday sets I recommend.

You’ll want to cover the major holidays, especially the one where you typically give a card: Christmas/Winter Season, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Here are some sets I recommend.

A beautiful card is a great way to let a happy couple know that you’ve been thinking of them on their special day. Like the birthday stamps sets, having a set that include numbers is a great way to personalize. Here are the sets I recommend.

A just saying hello card is a great way to perk up someone’s day. Here are the sets I recommend.

Thank You
It really comes in handy to have some thank you cards on hand. If you’re making a bunch at one time, you should invest in a MISTI stamping tool for efficiency. Here are the thank you sets I recommend.

Get Well & Sympathy
Sympathy cards aren’t always fun, but they are necessary sometimes. You’ll want something tasteful. Here are the sets I recommend.

Congratulations and Celebration
Promotions, graduations, retirements, these wonderful occasions deserve a card of their own. Here are the sets I recommend.

Sometimes, the people in our lives need a little encouraging. Positive phrases on a beautiful card can have a huge impact. Try using these sets I recommend.

Miss You
Our family lives far away from some of our loved ones. Miss you cards is a great handmade reminder of showing kindness and a reminder to catch up. Here are the sets I recommend.

Some says cards are for females only. NOT SO. Having some masculine stamps on hand will make any card “manly” enough for the gentleman in your life. Try using these sets.

Alphabet Stamps
Use these stamp sets to personalize your projects or perhaps create your own sentiments. These are perfect for me since my handwriting is not the greatest. Get these sets in multiple fonts so you have some different options.


Big List of Must-Have Stamps for Card Makers, craft, papercraft
The Big List of Must-Have Stamps for Card Makers, card making ideas, tips, techniques, tutorials, beginner

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