Scrapbooking is a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby (well, depending on your stash). At the beginning, it really doesn’t take much to start scrapbooking. But what are the must-haves? The question comes up a lot,”What supplies do I need to start scrapbooking?” Well, this is the essential tools list for the “must have” supplies of scrapbook and craft supplies for beginners, advanced, and everything in between!

12 must have supplies for scrapbooking beginners, scrappers
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Are these 12 items in your craft stash already?


A nice sturdy album is the perfect home to keep your scrapbook pages stored safely. I recommend getting D-ring/Three-ring albums like these because pages are easy to insert and remove. It’s also a lot easier to switch pages around or insert and delete pages later. You can choose to do chronological albums or themed albums.


Card stock
The right card stock is a must as it serves as the foundation for your scrapbook page. Choose acid-free and lignin-free papers for long lasting results.  Otherwise the papers may turn yellowish and potential damage your photos and embellishments. I would stay start with a rainbow pack of a nice heavyweight card stock like this. Then you can add thinner patterned or textured papers to start building your layers.


Your photos are a much for scrapbooking, so I would invest in your own home printer so you can have photos whenever you want. I own the Canon Pixma and highly recommend it to print photos and other items I want for the scrapbook. I love that you can print custom size photos and edit the photos how you want them to look without ever having to leave to head to a photo center (more time for scrapbooking!)

The right adhesive is essential for scrapbookers. You wouldn’t want things to fall off later! There’s multiple options including glue dots, tape runner, foam tape, glue stick, to liquid glue. Decide on your intended surface then check out the manufacturer’s’ description to make sure your adhesive will work. Personally I love Tombow Adhesives because it’s fast, it’s the least messiest, and it has a strong hold.


You’ll want a nice, sharp, accurate cut if you have some precise scrapbooking to do. Cutting with a dull blade is the worse. You should designate a trimmer and/or a pair of scissors solely to scrapbooking to make them last longer. I recommend this trimmer by Fiskars for accurate cuts and measurements (and you can cut a few pages at once. I also recommend getting this pair of precision scissors since they are a lot easier on the wrists and hands. You can also go with a nice pair of regular craft scissors.


There are some mediums which I just love and use over and over again, stamping is one of them! Stamps today are made to last, so you can use them for a multitude of different projects. I would recommend starting your stamp collection slowly (since it can get addicting!). For scrapbooking, I recommend starting with some alphabet stamps like these. Then adding in some popular phrases or shapes later like from these stamp sets. Having a good ink on hand is also important. I recommend getting some dye ink and pigment inks to begin your collection.


Pens and markers are a great way to doodle on your scrapbook pages or add that personal touch. You’ll need pens and markers that are pigment ink, fade-proof, water-proof and won’t leak onto other items. Start with black, fine tip and wife tip, then slowly build your collection. I love pens and markers from ZIG, Sakura, and COPIC.


Need to add something “extra” to your scrapbook page? Embellishments are perfect. There are too many embellishments to list. Popular ons include: stickers, chipboard, washi tape, ribbon, plus much more! The only tip I would make about embellishments, is to find the sweet spot between not enough and over doing it. Always step back after adding an embellishment to make sure there’s a nice flow and balance to your scrapbook page.


Page Protectors
Once you are done with creating your scrapbook page, you’ll need to protect it.If you leave the pages out unprotected,  it might bend or tear your page corners or leave it exposed to dust and dirt that will damage your layout. Make sure your page protectors are acid free like this brand, and also that they fit your album.


Storage and Organization
Now that you have created your scrapbook album, it’s time to find a place to store your album as well as all of your tools and paper. As much as clutter can add to creativity, it can also deter from it. I have this container to store my paper, a container to store my stamps, and a drawer system to hold everything else.

Any scrapper will tell you, it can take a toll on your hands and wrists. That’s why You’ll need to have some ergonomic tools to use. I love these scissors because they put little to know strain when I’m cutting paper or ribbon or photos.

Another way to add color is by using stamping ink or paint to your pages. It’s really up to you which you prefer!