I had this idea for a shaker card in my head and I really wanted to make it with sprinkles. Well… fake sprinkles anyway.

How to Make A Sprinkle Confetti Shaker Card
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So on Black Friday, I saw this cool sprinkle punch and it was on sale so I went ahead and bought it.

I had a sentiment in mind, but I didn’t have a stamp for it, so I decided to write my own. I’ve been doing some hand lettering lately, and enjoy the practice. I use this brush pen to write the sentiment on the background. After that, I got my three layers ready: the background, the acetate, and the frame.
How to Make A Sprinkle Confetti Shaker Card

I attached the acetate to the frame with good strong double sided adhesive. Then on the other side of the acetate, I added my foam tape barrier. It was then time to make my shaker pieces with the sprinkle punch. I punched my shaker bits out of different colored cardstock and then combined them all.

I placed the shaker bits on my background and then adhered my frame on top to seal everything in.

After realizing I had spare sprinkle bits, I adhered them to the front of the card for added interest.


Paper I used:

Brush Pen I used:

Acetate I used:

Cardstock I used:

Sprinkle Punch I used

See the process below.

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