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Month: June 2018

8 Card Making Mistakes To Avoid

8 Card Making Mistakes To Avoid

I love making handmade cards. It’s one of my favorite crafts to make. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, when you DIY your greeting cards, there are some crafty pitfalls to avoid. Card making, like any other arts and crafts, is subjective. This tips below isn’t about making your card prettier or “better”, it’s […] Read more…

11 Time Saving Hacks For Making Cards

time saving hacks card making

Making cards and other paper crafts is very enjoyable. Although, with busy schedules, sometimes we wish we had more time to craft. I’m certainly not suggesting you “rush” crafting, but there are a few card making tips that can take care of some things beforehand. When you don’t have very much time for card making […] Read more…

15 Fun DIY Emoji Crafts That Are Actually Easy To Make

These DIY emoji craft ideas will help you expand your creativity and make you smile (or have heart eyes). If you’re looking for easy DIY Emoji Crafts, the emoji crafts below are fun and easy for kids and adults. I remember when emojis first came out, you had a basic smiley face and sad faces […] Read more…