These DIY emoji craft ideas will help you expand your creativity and make you smile (or have heart eyes). If you’re looking for easy DIY Emoji Crafts, the emoji crafts below are fun and easy for kids and adults.

I remember when emojis first came out, you had a basic smiley face and sad faces with a few in between. Now you have a whole library of emojis on your phone.

Whether it’s just a fun craft activity or perhaps an emoji party, here are some DIY emoji crafts you’ll want to make. Here are 15 Fun DIY Emoji Crafts That Are Actually Easy To Make.

Emoji Door Hangers | Hello Creative Family
emoji door hangers
Your kids will love decorating and customizing their emojis to their room.

DIY Emoji Masks | Alice and Lois
emoji masks
These emoji masks would be great for a party or just for fun.

Emoji Mason Jars | Our Messy Table
emoji mason jars
Decorate your table or shelf with these fun emoji mason jars.

DIY Emoji Enamel Pins | Persia Lou
emoji pins
Did you know you could make your own enamel pins? Try it with your favorite emojis.

Emoji Key Chains | Craft Shack Chronicles

These emoji key chains are easier to make than you think.

Dancing Girls Emoji Pinata | Studio DIY
emoji pinata
For your next party, how about a pinata of the dancing girls emoji?

Emoji Wreath | Aww Sam

This emoji wreath works for all occasions!

Felt Emoji Busy Bag | Views From A Step Stool
felt-emoji- busy bag
These emoji busy bags give your kids some screen free fun time!

DIY Emoji Balloons | Studio DIY
DIY emoji balloons
Take your party balloons to the next level with emoji balloons.

Emoji Clutch | A Beautiful Mess

Complete your outfit with a DIY emoji clutch.

Emoji Flats | Damask Love

Make your flats extra special with emoji charms.

Emoji Flower Pot | All for the Boys

Change your mood by turning your flower pot with this craft.

DIY Emoji Air Fresheners | Amber Oliver

Keep things smelling good with these emoji air fresheners.

DIY Emoji Coasters | Lovely Indeed

Keep your surfaces from drinks with these cute emoji coasters.

Crochet Emoji | Repeat Crafter Me

For all my crocheters, here’s a pattern for your next project.


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