Markers and pens can be used for coloring, drawing, hand lettering, decorating, and so much more. For some crafters, “full set” syndrome comes to mind, where we must have “all of the colors”. While individual markers and pens don’t take up too much room, a giant collection of them can.

Creative Ideas for Marker and Pen Storage
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Having the proper storage and organization for your markers and pens can keep them lasting longer. They can also save you time and money. You save time by not having to search through your markers and pens to see what you have. You save money by knowing what you have so you don’t get duplicates and you’re less likely to misplace them.

You can scroll to the bottom to see how I organize and store my markers and pens.

Some marker and pen tips:

  • Most markers and pens benefit from being stored horizontally (on their side), instead of vertically, check the manufacturer for special instructions
  • If you have a large collection from one brand, it may be helpful to make swatches of your colors
  • Grouping by color family usually makes for the easiest way to find markers and pens (plus it’s pretty to look at)

I’ve rounded up some storage ideas to help you get your markers and pen organized.


Rainbow Marker Holder
Sugar Bee Crafts

DIY Upcycled Marker Organizer
Organizing Moms

Crystal Lite Containers

Portable Marker Storage and Organizers

Portable bag with 80 slots for markers

This portable marker case can hold 80 markers or pens, and the handle of the case is very handy for traveling. There is also an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Marker Organizer with 120 slots

This marker organizer holds 120 pieces markers or pens. This marker case will apply to markers or pens in 15mm to 22mm. There is also an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Storage Satchel

This marker storage satchel includes 1 marker tray and 2 dividers. The marker tray holds up to 62 – 64 markers or pens up to 6″ in length.

Pen and Pencil Organizer

This large pen and pencil organizer can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers. The elastic slots band makes it easy to fit and remove pens and pencils.

Marker Carrying Case

This portable marker carrying case holds 24 dual-ended art markers and folds into an easel for fast access. Elastic loops secure the coloring markers and help you stay organized.

Pencil, Pen, and Thin Marker Organizer

This carrying case is better for pens or thinner markers. You can put up to 150 pieces colored pencils or various size markers on this pencil organizer.

Standalone Storage

Marker Storage Trays

Crafter’s Companion
These marker trays are meant for Spectrum Noir markers but they can fit other markers and pens as well. You can stack them to keep your markers neatly stored and organized.

Caddy Desk Organizer Racks

These supply racks come in a et of 4 stackable desk supplies organizer caddies (total of 16 compartments). You can lay them horizontally or vertically. It may even fit into pull-out drawers & desk trays.

Art Supply Holder

Mont Marte
This holder hold pens, brushes, markers, pencils horizontally or vertically. There are a total of 96 slots to keep your desk organized.

Storage Tray

This art supply storage tray had wider compartments and can hold your supplies vertically or horizontally.

Cube Organizer Cross Divider

This supply storage is compact and durable. This dividers are removable and the modular organizers stack together with clips (included) for a custom system.

Marker Stand

This marker stand hold 84 markers (the markers have to be on the smaller side.

Marker Block Stand

This marker block stand is expandable and stackable. Each section holds 36 Copic or Sketch markers (or 18 Wide markers)

How I Organize and Store My Markers and Pens

6 Tier Makeup Organizer
I use this awesome clear organizer that was originally meant for makeup to hold my markers and pens. I chose clear storage because I like to see my supplies. I separate each drawer by brand, and then try to keep it in rainbow color. When I want to work with a certain brand of marker, I can easily slide the entire drawer out. Bonus that it fits into my Ikea Kallax perfectly!

For my gel pen I use this carrying case as mentioned above.


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