One of the hardest things to decide is the name of your DIY and Craft Blog. After all, you would hate to rebrand later (trust me, it’s a lot of work). You want it to reflect upon you and your passion. It can’t be too long. It can’t be too complicated. Oh, and it can’t be taken by someone either.

If you are struggling to find a domain name, login to Bluehost to see if it’s available. I recommend Bluehost for anyone who’s starting a blog. It’s only a few dollars a month, and it’s very user friendly for beginner bloggers.

35 IDEAS TO NAME YOUR DIY AND CRAFT BLOG, successful, blog posts, ideas
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For names of DIY and crafts blog, check out some ideas for the best names for your DIY and Craft blog. I always recommend personalizing your blog name. It’s less likely to be taken on social media or websites. Use this for inspiration or to get your creative juices flowing for your blog name.

(First Name) (Middle Name) Blog
(First Name) (Last Name) Blog
(First Name) (Middle Name)
(First Name) (Last Name)
Crafting with (Name)
DIY with (Name)
Crafts by (Name)
(Name) Crafts Co.
(Name) Designs
Designs by (Name)
Creatively (Name)
(Name) gets creative
(Name) creates
Creations by (Name)
(Name) Gets Artsy
(Name)’s Crafts Blog
(Name)’s (adjective) Crafts
(Name) Says DIY
(Name) Says Crafts
(Name)’s Studio
The Studio of (Name)
Creative (Name)
Name’s (Story)
The Story of (Name)
(Name)’s Workshop
(Name)’s DIY Space
(Name)’s Craft Space
(Name)’s Crafty Space
(Name) does DIY
(Name)’s Crafty Adventure
(Name)’s DIY Adventure
(Name)’s Crafty Journey
(Name)’s DIY Journey
Make stuff with (name)


-If your domain is not available, you can add adjectives like “awesome”, “amazing”, “lovely” etc.

-Keep your domain relatively short so people can remember it

-Look it up on the Trademark database to make sure you’re not in violation of anyone’s else brand

-Make sure to check your blog name across all social media channels you are planning to use to see if it’s available

-Even if you don’t plan to use that social media suite (for me it would be snapchat, I scooped up the name anyway so other people wouldn’t take it)

-Don’t choose a name that limits you. For example, if you call yourself Penny’s paper crafts and then you decide to do other crafts down the road, it might not make sense for your audience.

What have you decided to name your blog?


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