Have you ever had a problem in your home that seems so simple that you just overlook it? This is usually the case with our freezers. Rather than take the time to organize my freezer, I tend to just cram everything inside, and take everything out whenever I need something. I was always complaining about how there was never any room, but really I just didn’t know how to use that space effectively. I finally came up with a system that will not only help you maximize your space but also end your small freezer complaints for good!

Here are tips on how to maximize your freezer storage space

How to Maximize Your Freezer Storage Space

Stop playing Tetris with your packaging!

The number one problem we have with trying to fill our freezer is playing Tetris to get everything oddly shaped box to fit. By the end of it, nothing can be taken out and nothing else can be put in. Stop playing Tetris with your packaging and take things out of their box! Half the time, the box is way bigger than the items inside. If you need the cooking instructions, cut it out and tape it to the bag, or write directly on the bag with a Sharpie.

Freeze things flat

Whenever you can, try to freeze things as flat as you can. Leftovers cut up veggies, and even chili can all be frozen flat. Lay down the in the freezer until it’s frozen, and it will be easier to stack or organize upright. In order to make them flat, you will need to first start by filling your bag with the contents. Next, take all the air out of the bag. Finally lay it flat in your freezer until it’s completely frozen.

Don’t be afraid to contain your items

Containers don’t take away freezer space, they add additional space. Leftovers and bags of vegetables can easily get lost in a cluttered freezer. Instead, bring in some bins and keep all of those items in a bin together. Magazine holders and even reusable bags are great for containing the items within your freezer.

Clear it out

If your freezer is feeling a bit overstuffed, there is a chance that you may have too many items in there. Instead of finding unique ways to organize your items, you may need to consider going through them first. Are there any items that you just won’t eat? Anything looking questionable? Take these items out and throw them away! If you aren’t going to eat it, don’t store it!

Start with a clean slate

If your freezer is in rough shape, consider taking everything out and putting it back in. Start by labeling the items you do have, especially if you’ve taken them out of their original packaging. Next, create clear sections for each item you have in your freezer. Grouping items together by their size or category will help you not only keep things together but help you better use the space you have available. Lastly, put everything back in your newly defined sections. Sometimes the best place to start is with an empty freezer and then put everything back.

Having a small freezer doesn’t mean you can’t have a spacious freezer. If you follow these tips, you’ll have more storage space than you ever knew was possible.


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