Organization can be simple or it can be chaotic, especially if you have tons of electronics and appliances. Get those cables, cords, and wires organized with these genius tips.

organize cables, cords, and wires
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For every electronic device, comes a cable or two. Before you know it, your house can become a mess of cords dangling from your entertainment center or laid across your office desk. There are many ways to organize cords from your devices. Some require clips and others are adaptor boxes to store wire messes.

Here’s How To Organize Your Cables, Cords, And Wires Once And For All

Shorten Your Cables

You can wind your wires around something to help decrease on the extra length. This will cut down on cord tangles. They also make cable shorteners like these to decrease the cluttered cables.
organized cables, cords, wires

Binding Wires Together and Velcro

Keep zip ties and other binding products. These are extremely useful for loose wiring and they can help keep wires together rather than flailing uncontrollably. These velcro ties make things much more convenient when using for wires that you carry with you in your pocket. Think of your phone charging wire or earphones. Instead of getting them tangled in your pocket you can wrap them with velcro fasteners and unwrap when needed. They work the same way with wires you may be storing in your desk or wires being used hanging around.

Zip Ties

Just remember that zip ties are your best friend. If you have a lot of wild cord everywhere, don’t be afraid to use quite a bit of zip ties. We know your entertainment center will be the center of a mess of wires with the gaming console and everything else. Once it’s all zip tied, half of the problem is solved. Even cords going into bins can be zip tied. It works much better than tape for binding wires without making more of a mess than what you started with. Zip ties come in many sizes so they can be used for smaller wires as well. You can get reusable ties here.

Organization In Drawers

When you have wiring stored in cupboards or drawers, it’s advisable to use small organizers or baskets to keep items separate and categorized if needed. This leaves more space to put things and you know exactly where it’s at when you need it. There are many DIY methods to storing wire’s. For smaller wires in your drawer, you can either use velcro as mentioned previously or you can use small clips or ties. Once you start using your imagination and applying logic it’s really endless the amount of things you can implement to make organization of all your cords much easier. There’s also this under desk mount to keep cables at bay.

Power Adaptor and Power Strips

If you have a power adapter that has several wires connected to it from your devices, it’s definitely wise to mark them so you know which goes where. To do so, get masking tape and write down on it the correct label for the wire and then wrap the tape around the wire. You now have a properly labeled wire and won’t have any issues finding it among the many others that are plugged in. Do this for any wires you may have laying around from the television set to your gaming console and entertainment center. For major cable clutter, get a heavy duty power strip surge protector like this.

Decorate and Organize at the same time

Who says organizers have to plain or black? You can get one that does double duty to hide this cords while still coordinating with your home decor. There is this cable management box that is still aesthetically pleasing but very functional.

Bins and Tupperware

If you have a lot of large cords from the many devices you have laying around your house, it’s a good idea to consider bins like these. They are easy to find in most stores and bins can be bought in many sizes to accommodate for any empty space in your living quarters. The magic thing about using bins to organize your wires and cords is that they can be stacked. This allows for neatly arranging any cords you have to store and placing them neatly without taking too much floor room.
Once everything is zip tied and hidden as needed with proper adapters and labels, you can put away your bins of wires. To do this, find an area in your home such as storage space under stairs, attic, garage or somewhere near the electronics. Stack and store them as needed and then leave be for the next time you need any.

Hide it

If cords are still showing on the desk, find ornamental or other objects such as photos to put in front of them. You will have many options at objects to hide the wires behind so don’t be afraid to be creative. Use a printer or your computer’s monitor if need be. It’s really not that difficult from this point on. You can get run wire along the walls or use cable covers such as these to hide your cords.

One you have your dedicated power strip and charging station, with all wires labeled and hidden away, you will both know where all your critical wires are at any given time and have a great looking area free of any tangles mess. Enjoy your nicely organized living space without the clutter of wires everywhere. We hope you now know how to properly organize your cords. Remember, keep your cords labeled and boxed if not used to remove of clutter in your office space.


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