When it comes to the linen closet, it can sometimes turn into a catchall for anything that doesn’t have a place to go. For some of us, the linen closet is more like a storage unit than a place to hold our towels and bed sheets. Whether your linen closet needs a complete makeover, or you just want to be able to open the closet, here is how to organize your linen closet once and for all.

How to Organize your Linen Closet Once and For All
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Define your linen closet’s needs
Before you just throw things in bins and call it organized, you need to clearly define what belongs in your linen closet. If you are short on space, having things besides your bathroom essentials and linens in the linen closet might make sense. If you’re not sure what should go in there, start by asking if there is a better home for the items currently within your linen closet.

Store your items based on usage, not a category
If you are storing more than just your spare sheets, storing your items by usage instead of the category might be more beneficial. Keep items that you use most frequently at eye level and keep the items that you use once a year or less frequently toward the top of the linen closet. For bulkier items that won’t fit in bins, use the bottom of your linen closet to store these items.

Contain smaller items in bins and baskets
Use bins and baskets with an open lid to corral all of your items. This will help you be able to easily put things back when you are done, and ensure that you aren’t just throwing things back into the linen closet. To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, use labels to write on the bins. Look for reusable labels that way you can change out the labels as your needs grow and change.

Leave room for your space to grow
It can be tempting to fill every surface when organizing a space, but especially in your linen closet, I encourage you to leave a little bit of extra space. As you gain more items, and as you continue to grow as a family, you can easily use this extra space to store your new belongings. If you prefer, leave a few empty bins already set up to ensure that you have a place for these new items down the road.

Get rid of anything you’re not using
The last tip I have for you is to get rid of anything you are not using. If you don’t use something, then you are paying for the luxury of holding on to it! Instead of investing in a ton of bins to hold your clutter, you might want to first consider getting rid of what you don’t need. You may find you don’t need as much storage as you originally thought.

Your linen closet is probably one of the most forgotten rooms in your home. Don’t let it become a catchall, and finally organize your linen closet for good.

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