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3 Fun Handmade Anniversary Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Fun Anniversary Handmade Card Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Husband, or Significant Other

Your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is a special person in your love life. Show them how much you care with a DIY handmade greeting card. Your DIY card can be as ornate or as simple as you want. I’ve created a couple of fun designs that can be used for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or […] Read more…


4 Year Old Chooses My Card Making Supplies

For this fun challenge, I thought it would be interesting if my 4 year old son chose my card making supplies for me. I would have a selection of crafts ready for him, and then he would choose the one I would use. Watch the video below or on YouTube. Here are the supplies we […] Read more…


I Tried Recreating A Crafty Friend’s Card Challange

I thought I would introduce a fun card making challenge. I would try to create a handmade card that a crafty friend sent me without any preparation beforehand or looking up her tutorial. My friend Ilda at I Love Doing All Things Crafty made this card over on her blog, and I recorded myself trying […] Read more…


3 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Card Ideas That Anyone Can Do

3 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Card Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Celebrate the mom-to-be with a baby shower card to welcome her new baby. Show your excitement and congratulations for her new adventure with a precious DIY handmade baby shower card. You can watch the video below or on YouTube. Supplies listed below. Here are 3 Ideas for Handmade Baby Shower Cards Boy Baby Shower Card […] Read more…


4 Handmade Wedding Card Ideas That Couples Will Love

4 Handmade Wedding Cards Ideas That Couples Will Love

Send your congrats and warm wishes to the couple congrats with engagement, bridal shower and wedding cards. Wedding cards mean so much to the happy couple as they help open a new chapter in their lives. Wedding and engagements are such a meaningful event for newlyweds and newly engaged. Giving them a DIY or handmade […] Read more…