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10 Watercolor Hacks For Beginners | Tips and Tricks to Making Watercolor Painting Easier

Watercolor hacks and tips for beginners

Beginner watercolor artists may be intimidated when they first start watercoloring. From saving money on the right supplies to editing mistakes, these 10 watercolor tips for beginners will help even the most newbie artist to feel more confident. Typical Supplies for Watercolor: Watercolor Paper Board Masking tape Paint Brushes Watercolor Paint Watercolor Markers Water Brush […] Read more…


25 Wonderful Ideas for Washi Tape Storage and Organization

Wonderful Ideas for Washi Tape Storage and Organization

Almost every crafter knows about washi tape and has at least a few rolls in their craft and DIY stash. A quick search on Pinterest or Instagram will show results of millions of washi tape projects. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in so many crafty ways. What is Washi Tape? Washi tape […] Read more…


How to Clean Your Clear Stamps

For paper crafts, card making, or scrapbooking, clear stamps need to be cleaned and maintained in order to keep up their quality and keep giving you good stamped impressions. There isn’t one way to clean your stamps and many stampers have their own way of cleaning. What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Clear Stamps […] Read more…


How to Use And Clean Clear Stamps

Clear stamping for card making or scrapbooking or any other paper crafts is a great hobby. Clear stamps usually come in sets so you have multiple stamps. You can use them to stamp on different surfaces such as paper, vellum, acetate, and more! What are clear stamps? Clear stamps can refer to stamps made of […] Read more…


17 Creative Ideas for Marker and Pen Storage

Creative Ideas for Marker and Pen Storage

Markers and pens can be used for coloring, drawing, hand lettering, decorating, and so much more. For some crafters, “full set” syndrome comes to mind, where we must have “all of the colors”. While individual markers and pens don’t take up too much room, a giant collection of them can. Having the proper storage and […] Read more…