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20 Frugal and Functional DIY Drawer Divider Ideas

Keeping your drawers and desks organized almost always requires some containers or dividers. To save money, but still keep things functional, you can DIY your own drawer dividers with these ideas. When you create your own dividers, you can customize the size as well as the style to fit your needs. They can also be […] Read more…


5 (1/2) Easy Ways To Add Ombré To Your Paper Crafts

Easy Ways To Add Ombré To Your Paper Crafts

Ombré is an easy way to add interest to your paper crafts. A gradient of color, subtle or colorful, is a popular trend in beauty, home decor, and now your crafts! I’m going to show you 5(1/2) easy techniques for adding the ombré effect to your canvas, handmade cards, scrapbook pages or planners. You can […] Read more…


20 Brilliant DIY Homework Station Ideas

Homework stations are becoming more popular in homes. A desk in the child’s room may be uninspiring or perhaps too distracting. A designated spot in the home for homework might be more productive and allows the child to focus solely on their work. A homework station allows for some supervision and offers all the supplies […] Read more…


3 Easy Handmade Halloween Cards To Make

10 spooktacular halloween handmade cards

Halloween is not typically a traditional time to send DIY greeting cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Check out some spooktacular ideas for handmade Halloween cards that are sure to delight. You can watch the tutorial below or on YouTube. Hey Pumpkin Card I started by ink blending some distress inks on my smooth […] Read more…


5 Simple and Easy Pop Up Card Tutorials

DIY pop up cards are so much fun to make. A handmade 3D pop up greeting card can put a smile on your recipient’s face. They can appear simple from the outside and pack a big surprise on the inside. Pop up cards may look complicated but I promise they’re easier to make than you […] Read more…