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4 Year Old Chooses My Card Making Supplies

For this fun challenge, I thought it would be interesting if my 4 year old son chose my card making supplies for me. I would have a selection of crafts ready for him, and then he would choose the one I would use. Watch the video below or on YouTube. Here are the supplies we […] Read more…


I Tried Recreating A Crafty Friend’s Card Challange

I thought I would introduce a fun card making challenge. I would try to create a handmade card that a crafty friend sent me without any preparation beforehand or looking up her tutorial. My friend Ilda at I Love Doing All Things Crafty made this card over on her blog, and I recorded myself trying […] Read more…


17 Amazing DIY Sorority Craft Ideas To Try

Sorority life is about bonding with your sisters, and forming a friendship that last forever. With that, there are craft ideas for your little or your big or other sorority sisters for your next Greek event or just because. These are some of the best, inexpensive sorority crafts I’ve found. Here are 17 Amazing Do […] Read more…


20 Easy DIY Light Fixtures To Brighten Your Day

Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome, modern light fixtures in your home. With some elbow grease and creativity, you can DIY, update, or upcycle some amazing light fixtures for every room in your house. Before your start, make sure the materials that you will be using are safe […] Read more…


21 Cool Tea Light Craft Projects to Try

21 Cool Tea Light Craft Projects to Try

Tea light candles (real or battery operated) add the perfect little lighting accent. There little round shape makes them easy to work with. Since they are so affordable, you can also use them to make many different crafts. There are many different creative ways to use tea light candles in your DIY project. I love […] Read more…